Why the Olympics are bad

Already, today, I've had a conversation with myself that went something like this:

Carrie: Come on, you have to get up off of the couch and do something productive.

Carrie: But, the Olympics are on!

Carrie: You don't need to watch the WHOLE Olympics. Your apartment is a mess. You need to go to Target.

Carrie: Rarely in my life do I actually NEED to go to Target. Think of the money I will save.

Carrie: Nordic combined just came on. If you watch Nordic combined now, in a week you will be slumped in the middle of your living room in a couch potato stupor, enthralled with curling.

Carrie: OK, damn it, you're right. What do you think is on tonight?


Kelly said...

Um, what's Nordic combined? Is that the one that combines cross-country skiing with riflery?

Carrie G said...

I think it's cross-country skiing and ski jumping. Or maybe it's cross-country skiing and hot dog eating. I didn't stick around to find out.

Eileen said...

I watched curling last night and figured out about 90% of the rules. It's very strategic and oddly soothing.