random product placement

I do not know this for a fact, but I think that Trader Joe's Italian Blood Orange Soda would make the BEST Mimosas.

Also, every year, without fail, Neutrogena comes out with some craaaazy new suncare product that I just have to buy. Damn them.

In all seriousness, though, if it delivers as promised this new Helioplex stuff is huge. It's supposed to do what Meroxyl, which isn't available in the U.S. because the FDA says it's a drug and has to be approved, does. And that is to provide UVA protection that isn't photosensitive (i.e. breaks down in the sun, which is, of course, bad in a SUNSCREEN).

I, sunscreen nerd, will be testing this out on vacation. Neutrogena also makes an SPF 55 (55! holy cow!) of their amazing Dry Touch stuff with the Helioplex, which I also picked up at Target today.

Yes, I know, vacation isn't until June. But as fast as March has gone by it'll be here before I know it. At least that's the theory...


Kelly said...

Of all the varied types of nerdery I've encountered in my life, sunscreen nerdery has to be the most esoteric.

I'd like for someone to come up with a sunscreen tattoo, where you can just pump the UV protection right into your dermis and pow! No more sunburn.

Eileen said...

This is why Carrie always returns from her cruises even more pale than when she left. It is an amazing feat.

Carrie G said...

I will be the ghost of Bermuda! Ha!