You gotta fight for your right to.....Interweb?

Well, I had mentioned to Eileen that I was going to post updates in my blog about my move to D.C.

But, see, the problem with that is that I really needed home Internet access to do so properly. Which I have not had. Until today. Yes, I was experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. Yes, I probably could have blogged from Panera or whatever, but I like blogging from home. Yes, I know I'm a freak.

So I suppose I should actually note for the record that I have in fact moved to D.C. to take a job out here as an information architect. I believe my last post was about my car being a lemon and my new rocking Mazda 3 (as a side note, you don't realize how much you love a Mazda 3 hatchback until you cram as many of your possessions as you can in it and live off of them for three weeks).

So, the Internet situation. Which stems from the apartment situation. Which is this:

My apartment wasn't ready when they originally said it was going to be. Long story short, the people who were in there before me trashed it and it needed to be renovated. The good news is that the apartment does look great, including a brand-new kitchen. Bad news is that I had to have the movers hold my stuff in storage for awhile and stay with a friend.

So that delayed me moving in, and when I finally moved in I had already been working for awhile and could only get cable installed on a Saturday. Guess which Saturday that was? Heh.

So the cable guy comes today and starts doing the installation thing, and the TV signal is really fuzzy, and when he plugs in the modem, he says it isn't going to work. The line coming in is losing signal like crazy and they'll need to send somebody out to replace the line. So that means NEXT Saturday morning, before I head off white-water rafting.

The cable guy leaves, and I was about to make a depressing trip to Panera for the wifi, when I decided I had GONE LONG ENOUGH WITHOUT INTERNET AND WAS NOT GIVING UP WITHOUT A FIGHT IEEEEEEE. Ahem.

After much jiggling and twisting of the connection to the wire coming in, suddenly the BBC was looking a LOT clearer. So I went for it, and plugged the modem back in, and the Internet light lit up. There was much InCompetentCastic software and crap left to go through, but yes, I hacked my way onto the Internet. Hahahahahaha.

So that is update number one. I'm sure there will be more later. Now that I can update easily. Yay!

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