Day 2 (November 12)

On this day, we went to the Tate Modern, where, aside from looking at the more traditional modern art, we also "experienced" art in the form of a series of slides. The slides, the "Unilever Series," were set up in the open space in the building, which is a former power plant. It's a great space for art, and it makes them able to do things like set up giant silver slides. We rode the slides from floors three, four and five, and agreed that the fourth floor slide was the best.

After the Tate, we grabbed a sandwich and then toured the new Globe Theater. There weren't any plays running, as they only run in the summer, but the tour was enough to give you an idea of how Shakespeare's plays were originally performed — much better than looking at diagrams in high school English.

Then it was on to Vinopolis, which is a wine "museum." Primarily what that means is a place to look at some wine memorabilia and taste some samples. It was quite fun.

We came out into the evening and went to have dinner at a little place in Sloane Square — Chelsea Kitchen — that Eileen, our in-house (hotel?) tour guide knew about. When going to London for the first time, I highly recommend going with someone who lived there for a semester. Heh.

After dinner, we'd planned to go ice skating outside the Natural History Museum, but they were sold out. We did, however, see a fox (with a bag of potato chips in his mouth!) there, which made it worth the trip.

From there, we went to the Windsor Castle Pub, a charming little place with way-too-small doors (everyone had to duck to go from room to room) for some drinks.

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