Day 4 (November 14)

This was the day we did our tour in the countryside. We started in Salisbury, at the Salisbury Cathedral. It was smaller and simpler than Westminster Abbey, but in many ways that made it more beautiful.

Then it was on to the ruins at Old Sarum, the remains of a castle on teh top of a hill — just the foundation remained. During most of our time in England the weather was cold and often misty, but manageable. On the top of the hill here, though, it was freezing.

We had lunch — fish and chips — at a quiet little pub. Everything we saw was so picturesque — all these little places with thatched roofs!

After lunch it was on to the real highlight — Stonehenge. It's amazing, and I'm not sure that I can adequately describe it. But I really like that a mystery like Stonehenge exists, and I was very glad I got to see it while we were over there.

We went on to another small town, Avebury, enclosed in a stone circle. The stones were interesting, but not nearly on the scale of Stonehenge (Note to self: next time think about the extra time it takes to clear customs coming back to the United States when you walk through a sheep pasture looking at old stones in England).

After a ride back to the city, we got sandwiches and soda at Caffe Nero (it's more fun when you call it Caffe Nerd, but it was probably my favorite cafe/sandwich shop type place there, primarily because they made a wicked espresso). Then we went to see Mary Poppins, which was a quite British way to finish off the evening.


AE said...

Caffe Nerd! Isn't the coffee great? I'm so glad you went there and also called it Caffe Nerd.

Was Stonehenge crowded? I've only been in summer and the roped-off area around it was just jammed with people. It was hard to get into that proper Stonehengey, mists-of-time, midget-dancing mindset.

Carrie G said...

How could you call it anything BUT Caffe Nerd?

Stonehenge wasn't super-crowded. There were definitely people there but I didn't ever feel like they were in my way. I guess that's the bonus of going in November. I wish I had brought a slightly warmer crop of sweaters but we weren't waiting in a lot of lines or tripping over tourons.

Anonymous said...


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