(Sham)rockin' weekend

So my St. Patty's day in Cincinnati was super-super fun, as I thought it would be. Not much time for lengthy blogging, but it included some of the things I have really missed since I left:

1. My Cinci friends
2. AOI's spicy tuna roll
3. Hofbrau lager

There was also Irish breakfast, our annual tradition. And many, many hours of drinking Guinness. A total winner of a weekend, if you are Carrie.

There are photos up on my Flickr.

I do have to note two airport fouls at BWI, though:

1. The TWO people behind me who tried to get big liquid items through security in their carry-ons. Have you been living under a rock for the last 6 months? Were you completely oblivious to the 800,000 signs EVERYWHERE?

2. The TSA screener on the machine who told one of them "You're gonna go to jail" in a taunting, sing-song voice. Just because they are dumbasses doesn't mean you need to act as unprofessional as possible. Do us all a favor and watch the freaking x-ray machine.

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