I have new hair

It was time for the annual chop. There was some hilarity last week where my friends and co-workers raised $500 in 70 minutes for me to shave my head (for the record, I did not, as Joe says, claim I would shave my head for $500 -- I said I was thinking it would take $500 for me to shave my head...turns out it would take a lot more, heh).

So I felt like I had to do something to my hair that, while short of shaving it all off, still reached some acceptable drama threshold (I mean, my co-workers pretty much gave me carte blanche to have totally unprofessional hair). So I got 7 inches cut off. The photo is from the same day as the cut. Today I dyed it blue black, which I've always wanted to do, but have been mildly afraid of looking too goth or Veruca Salt.

Turns out, blue black is not as dramatic as I thought it would be at this length, but still pretty fun (the water was the color of blueberries when I was rinsing, so I was a bit freaked out mid dye job). My hair is still recovering from the dye so I didn't want to style it, but I'll try to post pics when I attempt to blow it out as well as the stylist at the Aveda Institute did. Or, alternately, when I style it curly, which I think I might even like better than straight -- it makes me feel so much like a 1920s flapper that I feel like I should have a cigarette holder in my hand and know how to dance the Charleston.


katherine said...

nice cut. will you dance the charleston for $500?

Carrie G said...

Somehow I don't feel like Joe can raise $500 for me to dance the Charleston.