Rocking the stay-cation

Eileen, Melissa and me at the Inauguration concert.

When I first started thinking about Inauguration weekend, my reaction was like a lot of locals here, including my friend Eric — with a giant onslaught of people coming into town, I was going to hole up in my condo and drink beer and watch CNN for the entire weekend.

But then my friend Eileen decided to make the trip out, and I'm so glad she did. Not only do I get to hang out with Eileen, who I haven't seen since Montreal, it's also forced me out into the madness. 

The really cool thing is, the madness is not actually that mad. Yeah, there are crowds, but everybody is very easygoing and happy. This entire city seems to be just filled with glee, and that vibe you just can't get off of CNN.

Even the restaurants we've gone to haven't been too packed. With so many locals shut in, local places weren't crowded at all. So if you are a local, I definitely encourage at least going out and having a beer and meeting some people and feeling the glee.

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