I believe in Santa Claus. He's called Amazon.com.

So I bought an iPod. A black video one. While it cost about four times more than my previous MP3 player, it is about three times smaller and holds about 60 times the audio. And it plays video! (a feature I find endlessly cool but may not ever actually use...).

So far, it has come as expected in its tinyness and ability to hold all of my music with room to spare (although I really need to prune the collection...how did some of this crap end up on my computer?). However, I've had some issues in my brief iPod ownership period.

Most notably...all of the accessories for my BLACK iPod are WHITE. The hell? Apple, you can make the expensive main unit black, but you can't be bothered to come up with black earphones? I don't WANT to look like one of your grooving commercial people. If I wanted that I would have bought the white one. And now what I will look like is a dork wearing white after Labor Day.

At least I will the whole three days until I go out and buy new headphones, because these things are uncomfortable and have ZILCH bass.

Also, about the headphones. I know the iPod came in a shockingly small box and that was kind of scary but also cool. But seriously, they could have made the box two microns larger and PUT THE FOAM ON THE EARPLUGS. Did they think I needed something to occupy myself the whole three hours while the iPod charged? Especially since the whole smallness of the box is ruined when Amazon.com puts it in their stock box with a bunch of plastic air bags where there is plenty of room to spare.

My only other issue with the iPod...why make the damn thing so small if it's still scratchable? Like, why not make it the old size (I was kind of shocked by how tiny it was) and cover it with some teflon or something? This morning I put it in a case that nearly doubles its size, where it will live permanently (or until I find a case I like better), and while it's still small, I kind of wonder why have this tiny pretty device just to put it in a big case. I mean, it doesn't even look like an iPod!

Oh wait, I get it. That's what the white headphones are for.


Kelly said...

Whee! Carrie's back!

If you get only one video for that teensy iPod of yours, it should be the "Lazy Sunday" (aka "Chronic-wha?-cles of Narnia") video from SNL. Last I checked, it was being offered free (!) as a "holiday gift" from NBC. Smart marketing.

Carrie G said...

Hee. That's the first video I put on my iPod. That was totally smart of them and well timed for Christmas iPods (including self-gift Christmas iPods...)

Anonymous said...

If you find some comfy headphones, please post what brand if you would?

I am on a quest myself. Those ugly White i-buds are too huge for my tiny elfin lobes.