Virginia 1, Maryland 0

So perhaps this buying wine in Virginia thing is not totally awful. Primarily because my friend Heather lives near the closest Virginia Trader Joe's to me. We went wine shopping on Thursday and I had a fab time.

And bought $87 worth of wine. But hey, case discount!

AND, the Blason de Bourgogne pinot noir is only $7 there, instead of the $10 it is in Ohio (okay, I bought five)! Quite a few of the wine prices seemed substantially lower than what I know they cost in Ohio.

So now I'm stocked back up on wine, and the wine rack is full and happy. Woo hoo!

Virginia: 1

In somewhat related news (I believe these things were combined in the same batch of gripes in my last post), I made it to the Maryland MVA and, one hour and $300 later, had registration and a license, and a title in the mail. They have promised that I'll also get something about doing an emissions test on my PRACTICALLY NEW 2006 car. This after the $85 mandatory safety inspection. Aaaargh.

Maryland: -1, which brings our running total to 0.

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