The new camera rules

Now if the memory card would just arrive so that I could take more than six photos at a time, that would be awesome. But I did take six, and I love this thing. The buttons and menus make a ton of sense, it really did very well in fairly low light, and it's ready to shoot within like a second of turning it on.

I went to the Aveda Institute near Gallery Place this morning for my annual drastic shocking haircut (six inches...they asked if I would donate the hair they cut off to the Institute so they could practice dyeing it or whatever...hee!). It looks really good and now I reek of lovely Aveda smell from all the product.

Then since I was only two metro stops from Union Station, I went there to take some pictures. It was a good indoor place to test the camera out. Also, I checked out the Express there and learned that they still had a ton of stuff on clearance. BAD. BAD.

So here are my whopping six Union Station pictures.

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