New camera

So after letting it sit in my Amazon.com shopping cart overnight, this morning I finally pulled the trigger on a Fugifilm FinePix F20.

As Eileen and Jeff would probably attest, I spent entirely too much time in London fiddling with my camera, and taking pictures by placing it on the floors of old churches, Tube stations, and other miscellaneous places around London. It's a wonder the thing didn't get punted, thus forcing me to buy a new one sooner. Things looked like crap if I used my flash, but it took five years for the camera to gather enough light to take a shot sans flash, so I had to put it on something solid to make it stable enough to take a clean picture.

Hence the FinePix, which is supposed to be super good in low-light situations. I only knew about this after doing some research. My initial liking of the camera was based on playing with it at Target (sorry, Target, you know I love ya, but it was almost $50 cheaper on Amazon) and liking the ergonomics and the menus. But it turns out it's a good camera, at least according to all the reviews I read. Its brother, the f30, is more widespread, but aside from the LCD on the back, the only differences between the two are things I don't even understand, and the f20 was much cheaper.

So now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive. That would have been the advantage of buying at Target. Expect a big Flickr update when it lands and I wander the DC metro area with it.

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Eileen said...

Thank god!