In the interest of posting something

I kept meaning to post a link to this blog post in The Consumerist (my new favorite blog) about Mazda destroying a bunch of brand new cars. It's terrible that they had to do it, but I'm glad they did (especially since it sounds like materials were recycled where possible). As a Mazda owner, having Mazdas out on the market that could have problems as a result of hanging at an angle and being exposed to salt water would have been bad for my own car's resale value. Check out the Wired article about how the Cougar Ace was saved, too -- pretty fascinating.

Speaking of Kiwi, he began his life of crime this year...

I have to hand it to Montgomery County -- the traffic cam tickets are at a good price point for you to just resign yourself to paying them, especially since you don't get any points on your license.

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