Visiting a classic

Okay, that title will probably fit a lot of the things I do on this trip. But in this case, the classic is Fenway Park.

I knew I wanted to see it, and a ticket to an actual game didn't cost much more than a tour. Watching an actual game seemed like a much better way to experience the historic park, even though as an Indians fan I should technically not root for the Red Sox, so I got a ticket for tonight's game.

I went to a game at Wrigley Field a few years back, and that ballpark definitely looked like it was built in 1912 — dusty, cobwebby, and with netting covering critical bits of concrete to make sure no chunks fell on the fans. I'm not sure what the state of the park is today. Certainly the field is beautiful, and it was an enjoyable experience (it would have been even more enjoyable if we hadn't scalped tickets for an obscene amount of money).

Fenway Park doesn't look like it's been around since 1912 — it looks like you've been transported back to 1912. Everything is clean and freshly painted, but looks like it's from a bygone era. The exception to the freshly painted rule was the seats in the section I sat in, but since those looked like they were original seats, they get a pass.

I left early, with the Sox in a comfortable lead. I would have stayed for the whole game, but this one went super long, even for the American League, and the sense I got from Boston's transit system thus far was that getting home was going to be a debacle if I waited to do it with the masses. But still, even though I had an exceedingly obstructed view (I struggled just to see the hitters), it was an enjoyable experience.

Flickr Uploadr is not happy with the slow hotel connection, so hopefully pics tomorrow morning.

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