Latest piece of furniture in a box: mission-style file cabinet, from Target, to replace second piece of old desk and give me something in which to put files and on which to put my lava lamp, currently on the floor.

I pulled it out of the box and the cellophane completely covered the top of the cabinet, so I thought I might, perhaps, be set. Surely I was due some good karma after the three-tops desk.

Clearly not. After I cut all the ties, the whole thing sort of sighed and it became clear that the top was split down the middle.

Ha ha ha.

ETA: Apparently it wasn't just the top. Other bits are split, too. This thing looks like it's been through a war.


KarmaCake said...

As just a random blogger, surfing her way across the net, might I just say, that trusting furniture from:
Canadian Tire
or anywhere else where "value" figures into the title is usually a bad call.
With the except of certain Ikea brands.

I feel your pain.
Next time it will be better.

Kelly said...

OK, Carrie, you have GOT to either post something new or change the title of this post. I come here, I see the title "shocker" at the top of the page, and my mind goes to scary places far, far away from furniture in a box.