vnv + bubbles

I am too tired to post much but I wanted to post something on the VNV Nation concert last night, which was awesome.

I've heard live bootlegs of them before and was a little concerned about how they were going to translate live, but the sound in the Madison was great. They played a good, long set. Several encores, including one which featured Bubbles, the oldest clown in town. Which was, yes, bizarre. It was someone's birthday - not sure who, I returned from the bathroom and there was a clown onstage handing out balloon animals - and the group's manager apparently told the Madison to surprise them.

So yes, picture a couple hundred goth kids, VNV after a set of largely apocalyptic music and visuals, then on comes Bubbles throwing balloons into the audience. It was quite surreal.

They played a set that was largely from their new one, Matter + Form, with a lot of old stuff. Only "Epicentre" and "Beloved" (the omission of either of which would have caused SEETHING RAGE by me and probably all of the goth kids, too) from Futureperfect, which was the major disappointment. I haven't been the biggest fan of the new album, and thought Futureperfect was clearly their best effort, but perhaps they got sick of playing it (still, though, no "Genesis"???). The traditional instead of Motion version of "Standing," too - it's always a great song but Motion is so much better for dancing.

I am nitpicking, though. All in all it was a great night and really nice to have a break from work.

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AE said...

The concert kicked ass. After years of dancing to their music in clubs, I was definitely not expecting the live show to be so chatty, down-to-earth and just plain loveable. And their music was as dark and anthemic as ever; a delightful contrast.
During "Beloved" I went up toward the front and was charmed by the audience reaction: couples were embracing, lonely boys were looking straight up at the ceiling and singing the words, beautiful goth girls were busting out their best swirly arm motions. Nobody could keep from smiling; everyone was so happy to hear this bleak song. And the burly Irish singer beamed happily down on us all. Very sweet.
According to the clown's name tag, he is called Dootles. And he was the best thing in the world. There's a picture of the balloons here: