because Kelly said I had to update

Also, I really needed to update. Don't go getting a complex, Kelly. Hee.

Tops on my list of miscellaneous things to blog about was the suddenly annoying presence of the bed in my spare bedroom/office type room. It really wasn't annoying until I got the file cabinet and realized it wasn't going to fit where I had wanted it to (behind the desk).

There' s just not enough room in this room anymore. And the bed gets used maybe five times a year. That seems like an awful lot of real estate to give to something that isn't used very often. Plus the bed is like a zillion years old. It's sort of swaybacked, actually.

So I've been giving a lot of thought to just ditching it. Like, literally sticking it by the dumpster out back. Because, two words, people: dust mites. I probably should ditch it, just for allergies' sake. Unless there's somewhere I can donate a used old bed. Anyone know of anywhere?

And now the reason I really want to get rid of the bed: The Gatsby chair. Was there ever a better chair for a library ever made? Because dude, if I got rid of the bed, I could totally have a little library in here. A couple more shelves in a box (yes, yes, I know), the chair, maybe the ottoman, and the file cabinet near the desk, where it should go. It would ROCK.

So this is the current debate 'o Carrie. Fortunately, it can wait until the end of summer, as a library is more of a autumn/winter place, especially with a leather chair. It also must wait until my parents would come down with their SUV, unless World Market delivers.

I should research such things.


Kelly said...

1) Thank you for updating. :)

2) Oh, my.

Carrie, you simply MUST get that chair! It's gorgeous! It's the chair to end all chairs! If I had that chair, I'd have to work out a way to telecommute, because I'd never want to leave the chair!

Yeah, you should hear what I have to say about pens.

Carrie G said...

Bwahahahahaha. I love that chair, too. I visit it often at World Market. And the possibly good news is that when I looked again at that link I put up, it said it had to be assembled. Which means, I'm sure, that there will be my usual furniture in a box saga.

HOWEVER, I bet if it were in a box, it would fit in my car.

Eileen said...

Only you could find a leather chair that required assembly!

Carrie G said...

Dude, if World Market could make you assemble wine, they would...

Maggie said...

If you get that chair, I would come over to your apartment and face plant into it -- and never leave.

So maybe you shouldn't get the chair.

But you have to. It's gorgeous. And it's called Gatsby, which is so cool and literary and stuff.

Also, you should donate your bed to a battered women's shelter. Most are always looking for more beds.