everybody wang chung tonight, or hollaback girl part 2

Okay, so today on 97.7, as I was doing my usual "Cincinnati radio sucks" pass through the dial, they were playing "Kung Fu Fighting."

Yes. On the former future of rock and roll.

That's not even the past of rock and roll. That's bad bad '80s pop. They could have at least played good bad '80s pop and busted out, like "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" or something.

Also, speaking of bad pop, Sarah C. reminded me that I did not even broach the worst part of "Hollaback Girl." This was a horrible oversight. So here it is:

Just when you think the song could not possibly get any worse, and just when you're really totally sick of it, Gwen busts in with a chanted spelling of a word I'm sure everyone was totally waiting to hear.

Bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Whuh? Surely that must be because the room full of monkeys they had write that song was getting hungry. It must be.

Also, I have realized that despite Gwen Stefani's best efforts, I still find the word bananas hard to spell. Clearly, the song is an utter failure.

P.S. - I got Wang Chung in your head, didn't I? Didn't I? Muahahahahaha. My work here is done.


Eileen said...

I know you guys couldn't believe that I hadn't heard Gwen's song but that problem is now solved. Q102 helped me out by playing it one morning. I had to fight the urge to scream loudly, jump out of bed and turn off the radio because I wanted to hear the "bananas" part. It was truly horrible.

Maggie said...

The video is even worse.

Carrie G said...

Eileen, glad you've now shared in the torture that is that song.

And Maggie, worse? How could it possibly be worse? (imagine me squeaking as I say that).