3 mile coffee

And now here is a blog entry actually related to my profiley thing.

Yesterday after my parents left, acting on my newfound (via cheering for Jeff in the Flying Pig) knowledge that I could walk to the Starbucks on Marburg, I decided I would try walking there and back. I say try but really it was more of a do, as what are my other options? Collapse on the sidewalk? Sleep at Starbucks?

The Starbucks on Marburg is 1.5 miles away (I know this because I tracked it with my car pre-FP). The walk there kind of sucked because it was still a little hot (yet not hot enough to lay by the pool with my book instead, which would have been my other option), but I made it, hung out for awhile and then walked back.

No, I didn't collapse on the sidewalk. My legs were a little tired, though, but it was a good, Maybe-I-Burned-Off-Some-Of-That-Derby-Pie-From-Taste tired.

So now I have a dilemma.

Prior to this I had been going to Awakenings. I like the pseudo-Europeanness of Hyde Park Square, I'll admit, and also the pseudo-Europeanness of Awakenings, as well as the fact that it's a local chain.

But I like the idea of being able to walk to a coffee shop, although in this case there's about an hour of walking, round-trip. If it hadn't been hot out, maybe I could have kicked it into old Kent State Why-Did-I-Schedule-These-Freakin-Classes-All-The-Way-Across-Campus gear, and then it would have been less time.

So do I walk to the Starbucks, which is a bigger, nicer Starbucks, but yet still the big chain, or do I drive to Awakenings, which is not so good on the exercise end? Maybe I will just let weather dictate things. Such as, if today were not a holiday, I would go to Awakenings because it's all drippy and nasty and wet. Yep, I think that's the ticket.

This would all be fixed if the Blue Manatee coffee shop Kelly told me about pans out. *fingers crossed*

I just have this fear that a coffee shop associated with a children's bookstore will be overrun with little kids stamping around and throwing smoothies everywhere. Maybe this fear is unfounded. How many parents are going to stop at a coffee shop with their kids, seriously?

This close to Hyde Park? Probably a lot.


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