radio free...columbus?

CD101 highlight of my drive home: Patti Smith's version of "Gloria". It's not like I don't own a copy of Horses, but the fact that somewhere in Ohio there's a radio station that will play songs from it I find both comforting and aggravating.

Why do we not have a radio station like that? Whyeeeee? Why do we only have like 10 stations to begin with? It takes like 2 seconds to get through the entire Cincinnati dial.

It's not like commercial radio in Akron is much better (well, I swear there are twice as many stations). But there are good high school and college stations. Get your asses in gear, Cincinnati kids.

Meanwhile, Winamp has decided to remind me that I had a moderately out-of-control cover of "Love Hurts" (yes, that one) by Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan. I heart Winamp.

Trip home was mostly uneventful. They checked out like every square inch my car and found nothing wrong. Shocker.

However, apparently I did rattle some cages at Hyundai. When I went in, the conversation went something like this:

Hyundai guy: Okay. I want you to know that we rearranged the schedules for our two best Hyundai technicians so that they could work today.
Me: Uh, great. Has Hyundai regional been in contact --
Hyundai guy: Yes. We've been in communication with them. And our district manager stopped by to strategize the other day...

And yet they found nothing. This leaves me with the only possible conclusion: my car is possessed.

Also during the weekend, I took my mom and sister to the Trader Joe's near Cleveland so they could experience the awesome cheap goodness. At first I was afraid I had built it up too much and they wouldn't be impressed. I needed more faith.

Joe had them at the cereal aisle.

By the time we checked out and the cashier gave my mom a free bouquet of tulips for being a first-time customer (my mom parked the cart on the wrong side before I could stop her...rookie mistake), they were totally wanting one closer to home.

Muahahaha, more converts.


Maggie said...

We have the perfect station. It's called MY IPOD.

Seriously, I enjoy driving so much more now that I don't have to listen to crap radio.

Carrie G said...

I have an MP3 player in my car. But eventually I want to hear good music that I don't already own, and in normal markets, a good place to do that is the radio. Silly me, thinking I could do that here.

Maggie said...

No. You're going to have to listen to 97X online for that.

Kelly said...

Carrie, you reminded me of just how refreshing CD101 can be. Just one more reason to hie me there hence.

Re: your car - I'm sorry to hear you're still having crazy problems, and even sorrier the Hyundai guys don't seem to have any clue what's going on.

I know you say that apparently your car is like the only one in the universe that has these problems, but it still makes me go "eep" just a little, because what if my car turns out to be the second Elantra in a million to go belly-up? Anyway, I say if the problems don't stop, you should just hope they get worse, because then you can get a new car under the lemon law. It still sucks for you, though.