rock lobster

I've decided that I should be in charge of development for Oakley Square. Or maybe dictator of Oakley Square. This would allow me to say, "you, frame shop, will merge with one of the other bazillion frame shops in Hyde Park and free up some space." Then I would put a coffee shop in there. And kick out some other places for cute little clothing stores or something.

In other news, I really, really, really should have applied sunscreen before football. My arms are pink. Oops.

Also, I arrived home to find the two CDs I ordered used from Amazon.com ouside my door. Awesome! Except one of them is not remotely close to what I ordered. Now I'm pissed, because I got all excited and thought I was going to be able to listen to it, and now, not so much. The whole thing smells sort of scammy, too. Like, the paper with my Darren Emerson Global Underground CD listed on it was inside the CD. So whoever packed it had to take the paper that says one thing, and put it in something completely different, and then ship it off. Did they think I would not notice that I got some crappy singer-songwriter compilation instead of my techno? I emailed the seller, guess I will see what they say. At least I'm protected by Amazon, no matter what happens.

Today I think I spent most of the overtime I racked up this week at work. This includes the original Star Wars trilogy (it was on sale at Target!), which I now want to see again after watching Episode III yesterday (which was great...definitely much better than the first two).

I also ordered Sideways used from Amazon, which would be phase one of the Sideways party. I'm thinking first weekend in June. This means I should update the calendar. Argh.


jeff said...

I think Oakley square would be much nicer if the car dealerships on Madison went away. They could be replaced with stores with apartments above. Maybe if we asked politely at the dealer they'll move elsewhere?

We were all pretty dumb at football. "It's such a nice day. Let's stay out here in the blazing sun with no sunscreen." I think my normal color is finally returning.

Sideways party sounds fun! I'm guessing there will be lots of wine drinking. My parents are in town for our birthdays that first weekend in June, but maybe I can slip away for a bit.

P.S. sorry I said you needed to update your blog. you obviously have, and I need to check more frequently (last post I had seen was the May 4 post).

Kelly said...

Carrie, good news! Blue Manatee is opening up a coffee shop! It's scheduled for July.

Here's the info.


Carrie G said...

Jeff, it's okay. I still don't update my blog often. lol.

Kelly, you are my hero! If it doesn't get overrun with small children (crosses fingers), it will be perfect!