May 4

Yes, I know it's May 5. But I didn't get around to saying anything about May 4 yesterday.

I have nothing historically valuable or important to say about May 4, but I've been missing Kent lately and the anniversary has made me miss it more. I wish I was going to have time to go out and walk around campus when I go home this weekend, but that probably won't happen. I don't want to go back to school. I just want to go have a beer at Ray's or something.

I guess I was expecting to see more on it — it was the 35th anniversary, but apparently after we passed 30, everybody stopped caring (except, of course, the May 4 Task Force). 30 I remember well; I was a junior and living in Prentice, right next to the parking lot where everything happened. I was living in the midst of a media circus for a week. I feel very distant, this time.

In other news:

The Highly Questionable Restaurant Named Roadhouse on Ridge has on their sign a Mother's Day Ribeye & Shrimp special.

Now, I am fairly sure (and by fairly I mean 99.9%) that would not be my mom's choice for Mother's Day. I'm not sure how many other moms would be in for that, either. Like, steak and shrimp seems much more a Father's Day thing. Or a not-related-to-any-parent's day thing.

Perhaps I am gender stereotyping. I'm sure somewhere out there are some moms who'd love to get their steak and shrimp on for their day, and this is the only place they can do it. Some places would call this filling a niche. I'm not sure Roadhouse has put that much thought into it.

Also, for the last two days, I have got the dribble cups from Starbucks.

You know the kind. The ones where you take a sip and all of a sudden there's coffee on your pants and you're all, "Man, did I not push the lid down all the way?", but you did, and the coffee is apparently coming out of some part of the cup via osmosis? So you take another sip to try to figure out where in the hell it's coming through, and you get coffee all over your hands and never do actually pinpoint a location, despite numerous, foolish sips?

Yeah. Hate those.


Eileen said...

The Hofbrauhaus is having a Mother's Day brunch, too. I thought that was strange enough. How many moms are like, "I'd really enjoy some brats and saurbraten on my special day!"?

Carrie G said...

Hee! I've been doing some thinking on this, and I just don't think the ribeye & shrimp makes it on any level.

Like, this is the woman who carried you around for nine months and then birthed you. If she really wants surf and turf, I think it's gotta be lobster and filet mignon.

jeff said...

I covered a speech by a Kent State survivor when I was in college. Must have been the 24th or 25th anniversary. I thought it was fascinating, being a student of 1960s-70s history, but unfortunately not many people showed up.

P.S. I want to start blogging. What could my theme be???

Maggie said...

I have so many things to say.

1. I was at the Kent State 30 year commemoration. Not because I was a student there or anything, but because I wanted to hang at the anti-war protest. It was really very moving.

2. I've been getting the dribble cubs a lot lately. That problem is all Starbucks. They're just not giving us quality cups like they used to.

3. Eileen, MY mom would like brats and saurbraten on Mother's Day, because she's from Germany.

But it doesn't matter anyway because I didn't get her nuthin'. I was at Kings Island with my friend. My mom probably had a ham sandwich at home.

I did visit her today, however. I'm a good daughter.

4. Jeff, your blog should be called American Red Crotch -- because there needs to be one called that.

Carrie G said...

Jeff, I believe my theme is just babbling about random crap, so I don't think themes are required. Heh.

Maggie, that's cool that you were at the 30th anniversary. I totally could have seen you!

Sorry, weird coincidental things freak me out.

Kent does have that nice hippy protester vibe. I remember once I was trying to park for class and I turned a street corner and there was a war protest bearing down on me. It makes me somewhat sad that this will probably never again happen in my life.

former barista said...

The reason coffee cups leak is, in a lunar eclipse-like moment, the hole in the lid is lined up perfectly with the seam (vertical line) on the cup. This causes coffee to dribble out of that spot. Sorry.